An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.


Herbs are food.

Artichokes, Ginger, celery... are they herbs, vegetables, vitamins, tea, spice, candy, or medicine?  It's all of the above!   The more I push away from the idea that herbs are plants with weird medicinal content, the more I realize that all edible plants are food.  Whatever I eat — I'm putting energy, vitamins, nutrients, active ingredients, and chemicals into my body (be it a juicy steak or bitter melon).  My job in caring for this body is to eat the right ingredients to keep its parts running smoothly and to fortify it against environmental dangers (viruses, bacteria, pollution, etc).

Why this site?

I'm not a clinical herbalist or a doctor.  I started this blog as a database for my own use.  I needed a method to quickly search what plants I need to eat/drink to counteract a headache, high blood sugar, insomnia and so forth.   It's also important to me that there are scientific studies supporting a benefit before I'm willing to use the plant for such a treatment.  Therefore, under the use/benefit section, you would see links to various articles I've found.

I'm learning this information as I go.  Please share your experiences with these plants in the blogs.    Let's eat, drink, and stay healthy together!

This site is a labor of love over time.  Please bear with its imperfections as it grows to service others.


Will Smith is one of my favorite actors.  His speech below inspired me to see the possibilities...