About Us

Why this site?

My great-grandfather was a life long herbal doctor, and his father practiced before him.

Family Herb Scale

My grandfather was an herbal doctor for 25 years until he went to Hong Kong to help his oldest son immigrate to the United States.

Their trade and knowledge were documented in volumes of materia medica, that was passed down through the generations.  When my parents immigrated to the States, the compendium was left with a distant cousin and have not been thought about it since.  That is...until I started taking an interest in herbal medicine - except that I can't read much Chinese.  I'm still chasing these books.  Will report back if I can get my hands on them for heirloom preservation.

In the spirit of Hank Williams Jr...

"So don't ask me, Quin why do you drink (tea)? Quin, why do you roll leaves?
Why must you use the herbs that you wrote?
If I'm down in a clinic, some ole slick's trying to give me friction.
I say leave me alone, I'm writing all night long, it's a family tradition."

I know.  It's cheesy, but hey, I'm having fun!

Thanks for dropping by and I hope the site content (my meteria medica) was of service for you.

Cheers and stay healthy!