Fun Facts

Botanical name: Capsicum annuumCan be eaten raw.  Peak seasons is July to September.  Technically a fruit since they have seeds and forms out of flowering plants.  Red, yellow, and orange bell peppers are just different stages of ripeness of the fruit, with Red being fulling mature.  


1 medium size = 31 calories, 7.2 g carb, and 1.2 g protein.  Factsecret give a pretty good breakdown.


Personal Experience

Yes!  I finally got a perfectly red bell pepper on the vine on Bell peppers are December 5th.  I planted this in April and the 6 inch plant I got from Home Depot flourished through early August, but only with green bell peppers.  As the heat intensified in Austin, the peppers started rotting on the vine.   The other pepper plant actually died in the Aug/Sept heat.  This one survived and started producing beautifully in October and November.   My peppers never turned yellow - just go directly from green to red.  I've purchased plants marked as "yellow peppers" in the past, and they actually went from green to yellow.  So I'm not sure what these stages of ripeness people are talking about with green, yellow, and red bell pepper.  Bell peppers seems to enjoy 50 to 85 degree weather.  So I'll need to plant them sometime in early March.

If anyone knows how to keep the peppers from rotting, please share!  


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