*disclaimer*  I'm not a doctor, I'm just sharing my experiences.  Please consult a medical or herbal doctor to verify usage and if any of the ingredients may affect drugs you are already taking.


Lowering blood sugar in 3 days.  These are results from my experiment.  Your results may vary.

I created this recipe after being on business travel for 3 consecutive weeks filled with sitting, rich food, and poor sleep (I don't seem well in unfamiliar beds).  My fasting sugar results had crept up to 110 (Pre-diabetic).  This was my 3 day cleanse in bringing it back to normal.  I'm writing this down to 1) share with others and 2) to rinse and repeat when it goes up again.

Keys: Diet of vegetables, meat, and fruit only.  Exercise 1-1.5 hours per day.  8 -9 hours of sleep per night.  6 or more cups of Diabetes Tea (recipe below).   After 3 days of this regiment, my fasting blood sugar dropped to 93.

Dark Chocolate with Almonds

Both dark chocolate and almonds have been shown to reduce type 2 diabetes (just google both online).  I allow myself one cluster after each meal for dessert.


Breakfast -High Protein and Flavonoids /Antioxidants

I use 1/3 cup of egg white, add tomatoes or mushrooms, and sprinkle some cheddar cheese (or whatever you have in your fridge).  Fruit cup - half cup of yogurt, red raspberry, blueberry (any berries will work).  1-2 cup of Diabetes Tea

Lunch - salad.

I put whatever I have in the fridge (no croutons, no bread) plus a form of protein.  Be mindful of serving size.  Eat slowly and eat until you are no longer hungry, not full.  1-2 cups of Diabetes Tea.  1 dark chocolate almond for dessert.

Dinner - Veggies and Protein (soup, stir fry, or baked)

Soup is a great way to stay well hydrated and full.  Add most vegetables to organic chicken or beef broth and you'll have a yummy soup.  Bone broth are my favorite.  1-2 cups of Diabetes Tea.  1 dark chocolate almond cluster.

Exercise 1-1.5 hours (5 mile walk or 10,000 steps)

I walked on my treadmill while binge watching a Netflix series.  When I can't find an hour, I try to walk around in the office while on the phone or walk in place.  Just have move, raise my heart rate, work off the glucose.  If I can do a 10 min walk right after a meal, I see an impact on the numbers.

Stay hydrated with the Diabete Tea (no sugary drinks)

I drank either my Diabetes Tea or water for the 3 days.  No other drinks.



Sleep is crucial!  

Sleep seems to have as much impact on my blood sugar as an hour of exercise.  I need at least 7-8 hours of sleep to feel rested.  8-9 hours is best.  I often have trouble sleeping if I don't exercise and stay hydrated during the day.


This recipe makes a very strong herbal tea.  The longer you cook it, the stronger it gets.  I usually make about 5 cups and put it in the refrigerator.  I would pour 1/4 cup and dilute it with boiling water for a tasty tea.

INGREDIENTS (any herbs you have that can lower blood sugar can be added to the mix)

Hibiscus - 6 flowers

Chamomile - 1/4 cup

Heal All  - 7 to 10 flowers (dried tea flowers)

Ginseng root - 8 to 10 thin slices

Cinnamon - 3 to 4 sticks

Lemon - 3 slices

Artichoke tea - 1 tea bag

Water - 5 cups (more or less depending on how diluted you want the tea)


  1. Put all ingredients in a ceramic or stainless steel pot.
  2. Fill a pot with 5 cups of water.  Let the mixture soak for 30 to 45 minutes.
  3. Bring to boil and let it simmer for 20 minutes.  The longer it simmers, the stronger the tea.  Too strong and it gets bitter.  Taste every 10 minutes to determine if you tea is strong enough for your liking.
  4. Pour into a ceramic teapot.  Some ingredients may react with certain metals, so a glass or ceramic pot is best.
  5. Pour 1/4 cup and mix it with hot water to dilute for your first cup!
  6. Keep refrigerated.
  7. Enjoy!


Here's my second pot of tea with this recipe with my new ceramic teapot!  I ran out of chamomile, so I replaced it with dried Chrysanthemum flowers.



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