Fun Facts

Botanical name: Pisum staivum var. marcrocarpon.  Can be eaten raw.  Peak seasons are spring and fall.  Select the ones that can crisply snap in half with small seeds.  You can buy dried snow peas or its hybrid, snaps peas, at Target or HEB.  A couple of brands are Saya,  and Harvestsnaps , both are owned by Calbee.


 1 Cup = 26 calories, 4.7 g carb, and 1.8 g protein.  Factsecret give a pretty good breakdown.

Growing Snow Peas

Snow peas are extremely low maintenance.  This is my 3rd year growing them.

1. Plant the seeds directly into the ground roughly 4 inches apart in areas with greater than 6 hours of sun light

2. Plant around the first or second week of September.

3. Water regularly (once a day or every other day)

4. Use a trellis (create a structure using strings is easiest for me)

5. Give it about 8 weeks and the plants should start producing peas in November.  The peas form out of the white flowers.

The danger for snow peas is frost.  For the few days out of the year that Austin experience heavy frost, I have to cover the structure with plastic sheet.  Alternatively, I've harvested in Nov/Dec and let them die in winter, then replant seeds the first week of March.  Planting in March provides a May harvest.

Editor Notes

12/8/2017  Snow in Austin, TX (last "heavy" snow was 30+ years ago in 1985).  Snow peas can withstand cool temperatures, but when frost or snow on its leaves and pea pods will ruin them.  The pods get soggy.  I did not cover them this year.  I'm interested to see if they will survive an Austin winter.



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